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We are apDesign – a team of experts in design and product development.

Together with our clients, we create individual and interesting products in which technology, functionality, aesthetics and manufacturability form a high-quality entity.

Our office, established in Pori in 1995, serves clients in various sectors and areas. In addition to our solid experience, our company's definite strengths are enthusiasm, ideation and wide-ranging know-how. We are not afraid of presenting creative solutions that deviate from the norm, without giving in to self-purposeful pursuit of exceptionality.

By familiarizing ourselves with our clients' businesses, we are able to solve design problems creatively and economically.

In addition to design services, we offer evaluations and consultations. We participate in the development of products and the creation of new ones. We produce comprehensive concepts that support design, graphic design and business operations – we do not compromise on idea generation but also acknowledge the facts.

Our services

Product Development

We design products that fulfil the needs of our clients and their markets. By interacting with our clients, we develop new ideas, technical opportunities and the current products into functional and successful solutions. The generated product ideas are presented via pictures, visual demonstrations and prototypes. We make 3D models, work drawings and photo-realistic images of the final products. When necessary, we build whole product families around the product.


Product conceptualization combines the future, creativity and industrial design. With the help of the generated visions, we search for future innovation, new features and solutions for the product. Product ideas generated by conceptualization are demonstrated via photo-realistic pictures, visual demonstrations and prototypes.

Industrial design

Design is used to make products stand out from the competition. The functionality, manufacturability and appearance of the product are important starting points in our design. Design is used to make products and services even more desirable and phenomenal. Profitability can be improved by decreasing the product's manufacturing costs and lengthening its lifespan.

Mechanics Design

By utilizing our problem-solving ability, innovations and material choices, we make the product's mechanics as functional as possible as well as easy to manufacture and use. Our mechanics design helps us to find new constructions and lengthen the product's lifespan.

Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a central role when creating a positive impression of a product or a company. A good visual identity and product graphics create credibility and help to stand out from the competiton. Unique, functional and clear graphics give the product additional value and communicate a reliable image of the company.

Package Design

The right choices and good design make the package distinguishable, desirable as well as environment and user friendly. Aspects to be taken into account in design are, for example, the shape of the package, structure, graphics, material selection, printing method and the regulations and standards regarding the package.


Consulting is a quick and effortless way to develop a company's product, image and know-how. We provide new ideas or development and improvement suggestions for the product or service throughout the consultation. We also offer design training services to educational institutes and other relevant parties.


Photo-realistic brand images and 3D modelling facilitate conceptualization and support decision making. The product can be demonstrated in detail to the client and other parties with the help of images and modelling.

A selection of our results can be seen on the Projects page.

Our work processes

Each project is an individual entity with its own special characteristics. The framework for each project is a process that clarifies the design work for the client as well as the designer.

The process functions as an instrument, not a burden, so the main purpose is not to follow it conscientiously. The process is revised and the work is implemented according to the project's individual needs.

Our clients

Our company has amassed a particularly solid experience in the engineering industry but we have collaborated with a very diverse clientele, ranging from the manufacturing of waste crushers to financial management.

Here is a selected sample of companies with which we have collaborated. If you want to be a part of our successful clientele, contact us.

— Advanced Design

— Antti Lindfors

Arctic Machine

— Bestron

— BMH Enviro

— Brand ID

— CPS Color

— Custom Truck

— Delffi

— E Avenue

— Ekoveto

— Elektro-Valo

— Elek-Tuote

— Exilight

— Eumer Finland

— Eurotank

—Fysio Corner



— Hansa-Machines

— IHD-Glas

— Juletec

— Karin Metalli

— Kauhabisnes

Konepaja Sandell

— Henkilöstövuokraus

— KK Sähkötukku

— KMT Tekniikka

— Kuntotorni

— Lakeuden Levytyö

— Left Foot Company

Luvia Boats

— Metso Paper


— Nipere

— Ylistaron Terästakomo

Patria Vammas


— Pintos


— Pomarfinn

— Potila

— Provacuum


— Raumaster

— Relox

— Salon Terästyö

Sampo Rosenlew

— Sakipa

Satakunnan Kansa

SK Tuote

Suomen Ykköskeittiö

— Tampereen Keskustekniikka

Tampereen Kondensaattoritehdas

— T-Drill

— Teknos

— Puulämpö

— Upcast

— Vahterus

— Vertic Zinc Wire

— Wellquip